Raymarine offers a wide range of marine radar systems for all types and sizes of boats.

Day and night, radar systems from Raymarine keep you aware of surrounding traffic, hazards and obstacles, approaching weather and so much more. Use your boat’s radar to navigate in dense fog or rain, or confirm your boat’s position with super-accurate radar ranges.

Let MARPA and other innovative detection technologies help you navigate safely through a crowded harbour and enjoy map-like coastal detail when cruising offshore. Need a radar for fishing? Find sea birds at long range with Raymarine’s state of the art detection algorithms to lead you to the fish.



Doppler Target Tracking

Available exclusively on Quantum 2 radomes and Cyclone open array radars, doppler allows the radar to instantly detect targets in motion and display them in a unique color palette. Inbound targets are red while outbound targets are green for improved awareness in high traffic situations.

Rangefusion™ Technology

Available exclusively on Cyclone radars, RangeFusion™ technology combines short and long pulses into the single high clarity radar image, delivering exceptional short-range and long-range targets simultaneously.

Radar Overlay on Chart

Lets you see the live radar image as a semi-transparent layer on your navigation chart. This allows you to confirm the positions of navigation aids, other vessels, obstacles and landmass by comparing them to charted objects. Radar overlay is also very useful to boaters new to radar and looking to get comfortable interpreting the radar returns.

Target True Trails Display

Shows the historical path taken by moving targets on the radar scope. The live target will display in its primary color, while its path or wake will remain visible behind it for a selectable period. This allows you to more easily see targets in motion and determine their direction of travel across the radar scope.

AIS Integration

Lets you see the icons of other vessels detected with your Automatic Identification System receiver on your radar scope. To use this feature, you will need to have a suitable AIS receiver or transceiver connected to your multifunction display.

Stabilized PPI Display

Allows the radar Plan Position Indicator (PPI) or scope to update in real-time even as the heading of the boat is changing. This gives you a smooth, accurate plot of all radar contacts when changing course or manoeuvring, without having to wait for the radar scanner to sweep through a full rotation. Stabilized PPI requires the presence of a heading sensor like the Raymarine EV1or an Evolution Autopilot System.

Marpa Target Tracking

MARPA is a collision avoidance feature which allows your radar to acquire and track targets of interest. Targets can be acquired manually or automatically (on some systems.) After acquiring the target, the radar will calculate the target’s course, speed, closest point of approach (CPA) and time to CPA. On-screen symbology shows you the target’s direction and speed. Visible and audible cues warn you of developing dangerous situations.

Timed Transmit Mode

Is a valuable power-saving feature for sailboats and electric boats. When enabled your radar scanner will automatically transmit at a selectable interval, and then go back into a low power standby mode. The reduces the overall duty-cycle of the radar while allowing you to maintain a long-range watch. The result is a significant savings of crucial battery power while underway.

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